Warranty period CCTV cameras and equipment

1. CCTV has a 2-year warranty period within 1 month, replace immediately after 1 month to repair the manufacturer.

2. DVR / NVR with warranty period of 2 years within 1 month, replacement immediately after 1 month, repair the manufacturer.

3. Power supply has a warranty period of 1 year within 1 month, renewed for 1 month after repair company.

4. Adapter (CCTV) used to install CCTV has a warranty period of 6 months.

Warranty conditions

1. Products that change Must have stickers from all stores or from the manufacturer.

2. The shop does not accept the replacement of the condition. By definition, the anomalies are as follows:

  2.1. Physical appearance changes from being broken, broken, chipped, bent, collapsed, torn, cracked, pierced, partially missing.

  2.2 There are conditions that should not arise from normal use or improper storage such as rust, moss, burns.

  2.3 The product was used in the wrong way or accident with the product, such as modifications.

  2.4. Damage caused by external factors such as bites, fire, lightning, lightning, etc.

3. The sheep or the product is not repaired by the shop staff.

4. Damage caused by chemicals. For any reason

5. Compatibility with other non-standard devices.

6. The camera was moved from the original installation point, not the shop staff.

** We will assume that the product from 1-6, the conditions of the warranty will not change the product and end guarantee immediately.